Get involved


CoreCluster is an Open Source project - it is available for free, on GNU GPL license. We are looking for people to help making this project better.

Improve and test

If you are python developer or just want to make some tests - join us! It doesn't matter if you are professional or just beginner - we can guide you how to begin with CoreCluster development.

Not a developer?

Let's test! CoreCluster is really large project, designed to run over multiple hosts, what makes it hard to test. If you like to debug software or nitpicking networking - join us.

Help us with development

CoreCluster and all related projects developed by are make for free. It doesn't mean, that it is like any other software. Making IaaS cloud requires a lot of hardware, including servers, network devices and many more.

We will be graceful to receive donations from you to improve this project.

If you are able to support us with any other form (i.e. access to hardware) we will also appreciate it.

Need own IaaS cloud? Or have ideas how to design cloud?

CoreCluster is developed for people and aims to be user friendly. If you have idea how to improve our projects or even change directions of development - contact us


We are happy to help you. Please, contact us

< Go back     Author: Maciej Nabozny Published: Jan. 3, 2017, 7:51 p.m.