Libdinemic stable version


Libdinemic is now in first, stable version: 0.1.1. Still needs a lot improvements, but key features are working:

In principle, libdinemic is an wrapper for data stores, based on key-value databases. It allows to simply map C++ classes onto data structures in database. The library's architecture is designed to be a proxy to database, which shares all updates across network.

Applications using libdinemic could define own actions (DAction classes) and map them as listeners for updates of database, made by other nodes in cluster. This is the simplest way to connect ORM, database and API in one library. With underlying cryptography, it allows to verify all changes in database in secure way, giving to the developers powerful tool for creating distributed applications.

Find more

If you are interested, follow or star our repository at Github. You will find more in docs/ directory of this repo.

Compilation and installation

To compile and install follow instructions at our github repository:

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