Libneon becomes libdinemic


Since early 2017 develops the decentralized framework for distributed clusters of applications, based on cryptography. Orginally it was named libneon. Since September libneon becomes libdinemic.

Libdinemic is a framework, which hides difficulties related to accessing underlying database, monitoring changes in data and sharing those changes with other nodes in network, in secure way. Each update of data, done with Libdinemic framework is digitally signed and joined into chain of updates. Every node in cluster could verify each update, to make sure that nobody has tampered the data. Security in such ecosystem is delivered on the ORM Object level, and allows to easily manage permissions on particular objects, without any centralized authority. Libdinemic enforces using the Event Driven application model, so it becomes both: database API and communication channel for your applications.

In September this library was released in beta version. Libdinemic allows to use basic ORM on underlying database (at this time only Redis) and define own actions to be triggered on events in database. However, main improvement is fully functional autodiscovery of database nodes and sharing database changes across whole cluster, even for partially connected nodes.

For details, check project's website:

< Go back     Author: Maciej Nabozny Published: Sept. 19, 2017, 7:10 a.m.