Neon gets the MIT licensing


The Neon library, which will be new base of CoreCluster is now shared under MIT license. It is still in experimental phase, however you can find now some of its parts are ready for tests.

Since end of 2017 develops new base for CoreCluster cloud. Main idea is to change existing, centralized architecture with management node with single database to distributed system, based on blockchain, P2P and X509.

Neon is the library joining main concepts of ORM, Event Driven Development, distributed computing and cryptography. In very nutshell you can also call it a semi-blockchain protocol with additions. Stable version of Neon will guarantee data synchronization across whole cluster, without centralized server.

Each node in cluster will handle its own, most actual copy of database. All updates, changes and modifications of any objects in database are authorized by cryptographic tools, provided by GPG and OpenSSL libraries. So, as far as there is no central point, there is still very strong accent on security. Only node owning the database object's private key can update its state.

Moreover, Neon API grants some mechanisms to manage this privileges, by authorizing new keys to objects. All this features are based on well-known libraries.

Neon is written in C++, so its main API is available now only for this language. However additional language bindings will be available soon.

< Go back     Author: Maciej Nabozny Published: May 30, 2017, 4:15 p.m.